Ambition Institute Policies

Complaints policy

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that complaints are dealt with in an appropriate manner. The complaints policy and procedure is accessible to all, and all complaints are handled in a fair, consistent and timely way.

This policy allows for all stakeholders and learners to log a formal or informal complaint should they have a need to.

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Malpractice and maladministration policy

The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of all qualifications awarded by or on behalf of Ambition Institute, so that our qualifications remain a reliable indicator that a consistent standard has been met.

The policy seeks to achieve this by clearly defining a consistent approach to prevent, identify, deal effectively with and learn from any instances of malpractice or maladministration.

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Refund policy

The objective of this policy is to provide clarity on the circumstances which would result in refunds being made to the customer (school/participant/MAT/delivery partner) in the event of participants not being able to complete an Ambition programme, and to outline the process through which we would manage any appeals to such decisions.

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Plagiarism policy

The objective of this policy is to ensure that all participants on our programmes or those completing a programme through our alliance partners are aware of the consequences of any form of plagiarism when submitting written assignments and course content for assessment.

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Assignment assessment and appeals policy

The objective of this policy is to ensure that all summative assessment within Ambition is a reliable indicator that the intended standard has been met. We seek to achieve this by laying out a robust process that will lead to fair and consistent marking practices. This policy also outlines the process through which a participant can appeal against an assessment outcome. This policy only applies to NPQ programmes beginning in Autumn 2020 or earlier.

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Learning Support policy

We are committed to ensuring all participants are successful on our programmes. We recognise that sometimes participants may be need additional support or reasonable adjustments to ensure they are successful and this policy details how we will do this.

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Withdrawal policy

This policy sets out the circumstances in which a withdrawal from one of our programmes may take place, and our approach should it arise. This policy ensures that we have measures in place to enable all participants to fully benefit from our programmes as far as possible, with withdrawals only taking place following full consideration of alternative options.

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Deferral and NPQ Extension policy

This policy outlines our approach to requests from participants to defer a programme place, including circumstances where a deferral would be approved, and arrangements that would apply in managing the deferral from and return to the programme.

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Attendance and programme completion policy

This policy provides clarity on programme completion expectations, including attendance and associated qualifications, where applicable. The policy also outlines the process if a participant’s circumstances change and they are no longer able to attend an event, 1:1 development session or complete an independent learning task.

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Data Protection Policy

This policy is intended to ensure that personal information is dealt with properly and securely and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2018), the Data Protection Act 2018 and other related legislation. It will apply to information regardless of the way it is used, recorded and stored and whether it is held in paper files or electronically.

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NPQ Part-time, deferral and portability

This policy outlines how participants who are part-time, defer or transfer schools during their NPQ will be supported to continue engaging with their programme.

Download the NPQ part-time, deferral and portability policy

Safeguarding policy

Ambition Institute, its trustees and employees are committed to proactively safeguarding children, young people, beneficiaries and employees, and to taking reasonable steps to protect people who come into contact with the organisation from harm. This policy outlines the safeguarding procedures and responsibilities in place at Ambition Institute to ensure that all safeguarding concerns and disclosures are handled appropriately.

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ECT non-standard induction policy

This policy sets out how part-time, reduced inductions and mid-start early career teachers and mentors, as well as those who move schools or take extended leave from the programme, will be supported to engage with Ambition Institute’s Early Career Teachers programme.

Download the ECT non-standard induction policy

Carbon Reduction plan

Ambition Institute is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions.

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Data Processing Agreement

Ambition Institute, whose registered address is The Yellow Building, 1 Nicholas Road, London, W11 4AN and Steplab, company number 12874930 whose registered address is 520 High Road Leyton, Leyton, London, United Kingdom, E10 6RL, who processes the following data (“the Personal Data”) on behalf of Ambition Institute and is known as the Processor in accordance with the definition under the Data Protection Act 2018. Ambition Institute is the Data Controller.

Download the Ambition Institute – Steplab Data Processing Agreement

Pathfinder Multi Academy Trust Policies

Data Protection Policy