Programme overview

This programme has been designed in collaboration with The Bell Foundation and colleagues working within and beyond our region. The intended theory of change is that staff will become better equipped to teach and support their pupils using EAL which leads to better overall outcomes and care. 

The programme will be delivered by our regional licensed Bell Foundation practitioners who are a highly credible source of support for EAL. We will aim to train and upskill class teachers to know more about EAL policy, assessment and practice, as well as a range of key classroom strategies. The programme will run throughout the academic year, with gap tasks, and the optional support of a partnered critical friend. We will provide scaffolded support for all participants to leave each session with a clear plan for what they want to bring back to their classroom and trial.

Session Date Time Location
Day 1 Wednesday,13th November 2024 09:30 – 15:30 Pathfinder Teaching School Hub
Twilight Tuesday, 28th January 2025 16:00 – 18:00 Online
Day 2 Wednesday, 21st May 2025 09:30 – 15:30 Pathfinder Teaching School Hub

Programme aims

  • Learn how to assess pupils using EAL and feed this into habits linked to data-driven decision making and practice
  • Understanding and embedding practices around how to make English a comprehensible language, especially for new arrivals using EAL and what this can look like in a multilingual school
  • Embedding your work done to date on adaptive teaching
  • Learn how to best support pupils who are refugees or asylum seekers, reflecting on adverse experiences and social contexts
  • Gain a network of support with colleagues working on similar areas of education

Suitable for

Class Teachers from their 3rd year of practice onwards. You may also find this programme useful if you are an EAL Coordinator or leader but it’s worth noting that the programme training, activities and tasks will be aimed at Teachers looking to enhance their classroom practice linked to EAL.

Co-Designers of the programme –  The Bell Foundation

The Foundation influences policy and practice across the UK by generating and disseminating research; through the robust assessment of projects to identify which techniques have the most impact in supporting learners with EAL; by contributing to the development of public policy; through keynote speaking at national conferences; and through the publication of articles and news stories. As a result of this, and the programmatic activity, over 23,000 education professionals who work with learners who use EAL were trained in 2021 and all schools in England have received best practice articles, and over 8,000 individuals involved in the criminal justice system have been reached.

Main programme designer and facilitators

Deborah Sanderson  – Licensed Bell Foundation Practitioner, Teacher educator and trainer, Ofsted Inspector, and previous Executive Headteacher of Tinsley Meadows Primary Academy in Sheffield (a school with over 95% of pupils using EAL) 

Laura Chambers – Licensed Bell Foundation Practitioner, and Headteacher of Tinsley Meadows Academy

Danielle Thorpe – Licensed Bell Foundation Practitioner, Class Teacher and EAL Lead at Friarage Community Primary School in Scarborough (a school with over 50% pupils using EAL)


£275 per person

EAL Class Teacher Programme
4 November 2024
11:00 pm
Archbishop Holgate's School, Hull Road, York, YO10 5ZA


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