All schools that offer a statutory induction are required to have an Appropriate Body (AB) for their Early Career Teachers (ECTs). An ECT cannot begin their statutory induction until they have been registered with an AB. As well as ensuring that ECTs receive their statutory entitlements, Appropriate Bodies will ensure that the statutory guidance is followed and that ECTs are fairly and consistently assessed against the Teachers’ Standards. ABs are also expected to check that ECTs are receiving a programme of support and training based on the Early Career Framework (ECF).

Following the reform of AB services, from 2023-4 Local Authorities are not permitted to take on new ECTs, and from August 2024 the AB role will be provided exclusively by Teaching School Hubs, like Pathfinder Teaching School Hub. Pathfinder can provide Appropriate Body Services for schools following any of the three routes that schools can access for an ECF-based induction. The DfE preference, and AB recommendation, is that schools follow a fully-funded training provider induction programme using a lead provider, for their ECTs. In line with this, Pathfinder Teaching School Hub uses Ambition Institute’s ECF Programme.

Please note that the statutory Induction for early career teachers and Appropriate bodies guidance documents have been updated for September 2023. There is now a requirement to ensure “ECT and mentor sessions are expected to be timetabled during teaching hours. In exceptional circumstances however where schools require flexibility due to timetabling constraints, mentoring may take place outside of teaching hours but should always be scheduled within contracted time (see para 2.44).” Please bear this in mind when arranging your ECT and Mentors timetables. For further information on the content of Pathfinder Teaching School Hub’s AB service offer please see our AB flyer here.

Appropriate Body Registration Information

Early Career Teachers Appropriate Body Registration Form

If you have ECTs (Early Career Teachers) joining your school from September 2023 please click on the button above which will take you to the ECF page which has the information of how to register.  Due to the recent changes to the  statutory induction guidance  for September 2023 onwards, we held a briefing to support schools who will have Year 1 or Year 2 ECTs in the 2023-4 academic year.  You can see the slides from the briefing here: AB ECF Briefing 7.6.23.

Appropriate Body Registration Information

2023-24 Charges for Appropriate Body Services

Year 1 ECT Year 2 ECT
Fully Funded provider-led programme
(using a lead provider)
£225 £225
DfE accredited materials
(additional QA and fidelity checks required)
£550 £550
School-led design and delivery
(additional QA and fidelity checks required)

I have an ECT starting in September 2023, what do I do next?

Check you are meeting the mentor, induction tutor and timetable requirements as per the NEW guidance documents then:

  1. Register your ECTs for the ECF Full Induction Programme and Appropriate Body Services here.
  2. Register with the DfE when the portal opens – date TBC but expected from 3 July onwards.
  3. Register with Pathfinder’s ECT Manager portal.