All schools that offer a statutory induction are required to have an Appropriate Body (AB) for their Early Career Teachers (ECTs). ABs play a key role in statutory teacher induction. From September 2022, as well as ensuring that ECTs receive their statutory entitlements, they will ensure that regard is had to the statutory guidance and that ECTs are fairly and consistently assessed. ABs will also be expected to check that ECTs are receiving a programme of support and training based on the ECF.

In September 2022, we propose to work in partnership with the City of York NQT Appropriate Body service and North Yorkshire County Council Appropriate Body service.

Appropriate Body Registration Form

Early Career Teachers Appropriate Body Registration Form

If you have ECTs (Early Career Teachers) joining your school from September 2022 please use complete the form. We will pass this information on to your local Appropriate Body or get in touch to discuss next steps.

Appropriate Body Registration Form

Mike Jory | CYC ECT Induction Lead