The Hub will signpost and facilitate a broad range of Continuing Professional Development across the region. Our strong partnerships with Curriculum Hubs, Research Schools, EdTech Demonstrators and the DfE will ensure all schools can access the most appropriate evidence-driven national offers. We will also work with regional partners to identify and create bespoke solutions, in response to specific local needs. All of our courses go through a robust level of quality assurance to ensure the evidence base is strong and that real-term impact can be made on your students’ progress in a sustainable and collaborative way.

Andy Young
Pathfinder CPD Lead

“We are committed to raising the life chances and educational outcomes of all young people in the region. We are excited to be able to collaborate with our partners to deliver a range of evidence-informed professional development programmes. All of our programmes are designed to suit your school context and local needs. We will encourage you to think critically about any relevant evidence, set goals, put strategies in place to improve your practice, and be able to evaluate the impact that this has on your students. We will also support you in looking at how this can be sustainable over time and contribute to reducing your workload. Only by unlocking all that we as educators are capable of, will we truly transform the lives of our young people.”

Regional CPD Offer

Curriculum Design and Development
Forest Schools
Teaching and Learning
Operational Staff

Curriculum Hubs Offer

Computing Hub
Edtech Demonstrator
English Hub
Maths Hub
Music Hub
Science Hub