What our Trainees Say
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The Pathfinder ITT programme will provide you with a high quality, school centred training programme for the whole year. But don’t just take our word for it. We have been training student teachers for a number of years now. Let them tell you what they think…

“Pathfinder offered so much support that made training so much easier and more comfortable. Peers, training leads and staff all helped to ensure we were on track and happy with our progress. Sessions are interesting and engaging, with amazing speakers and some of the best specialists to cover every aspect of teaching.”

Christie Allard, History

“Training with Pathfinder is an incredibly rewarding experience. Everyone from the training staff, the specialist speakers and your fellow trainees are all committed to making the experience as enriching as possible. The course offers a sense of community and guidance whilst allowing you to properly flourish in the profession as an individual.”

Stuart MacFarlane, History

“Pathfinder has allowed me to learn from experienced staff and immerse myself in the culture of an outstanding school. The training and support provided by the teaching school has been excellent. You are guided through every stage of your career – from walking into your first placement to applying for your first post. I would highly recommend PTSA to anyone considering teaching as a career.”

Marsha Stocks, Mathematics

“Training with Pathfinder gave me the skills to become a confident teacher. The course was well structured, with varied and engaging sessions. I was able to learn and develop skills that I now use on a day to day basis as a teacher. When training with Pathfinder, there was always a sense of camaraderie and support from my peers.”

Connor McPaul, Mathematics

“Pathfinder helped me realise how much I loved working with young people. It gave me the support and experience to excel and I found the training to be of the highest quality. You learn first-hand what it means to be a teacher and to care.”

Zara Daswani, History