Session overview

Adventure Island is all around us. Cracks in the walls, secret tunnels, mythical creatures, heroes and villains, hidey holes and the Land Of Far Away are where Adventure Island come to life. We want our young children to engage in the world of story and books, and what better way to do it than to live in it.

Based around the concepts of joy and co-playing, Adventure Island is a place that you and the children will want to return to again and again. Not only that, it’s where parenting and the community beyond the school gate can come to life too – the Island is for everyone!
The scope for Adventure Island is as unlimited as your imagination. It has huge potential for curriculum delivery with all the emotional engagement of play and discovery, and it can be discovered in the city or in the countryside – it’s everywhere!

  • Breathe new life into outdoor play and children’s imaginations
  • Co-play with confidence and create a new and exciting world to explore
  • Engage parents in play and learning with real authenticity and participation
  • Flexible and adaptable to your timetable
  • Live a story, be a story – the possibilities are endless!

Suitable for

Nurseries, Reception and KS1


1 FREE place per setting in the Opportunity Area. £60 if you are outside the OA. Please book early to avoid disappointment.


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13 Belgrave Cres, Scarborough YO11 1UB, UK


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