Session overview

There is a special educational need more prevalent than autism – one that is likely to impact on children in every school. But very few teachers have heard of it and even fewer know how to help. Developmental Language Disorder (DLD): described by the tes as “the most common special educational need you have never heard of”.

Research indicates around 7.5 per cent of children begin school with a language disorder that is unexplained by any other condition, with DLD the likely cause. DLD often has no outward signs. These children can have verbal comprehension difficulties, difficulties drawing on their (limited) vocabulary skills or difficulties putting ideas into sentences. Children with DLD will have higher than average rates of social and emotional behavioural problems, are more likely than their classmates to have problems with their peers, and problems paying attention. Only around 11 per cent of these children meet curriculum targets.

In order to celebrate Developmental language disorder awareness day on 15th October 2021, The Children’s Therapy Training team are offering schools the opportunity to book a place on their free DLD workshop.

Session aims

  • Identify what DLD is
  • Explore how it can be identified
  • Study the implications for this on learning and what can be done to support children in schools




For more information and to book a place, please contact Gill Clarke on


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