Early Excellence for EYFS

All training is new and, as this is the fourth year of the Ebor Academy Trust partnership with Early Excellence, we are aware the majority of practitioners now have all the basics. This new set of programmes will extend thinking and focus on the new framework.

Programme overview

This programme will be split into 3 sessions:

Session Overview Date and time
Schemas Children have a strong drive to repeat actions. They can become fascinated by transporting objects, moving in circles or creating enclosures as they explore, and make sense of, the world around them. In this session we will explore schematic play in detail, using research to inform how we plan for rich learning experiences and respond to the natural fascinations of our children. Wednesday 3rd November 2021
Sustained thinking Central to effective Early Childhood Education is the skilful adult. The ability to interact sensitively and appropriately, supporting and extending learning is a complex process built on a deep understanding of how young children learn and our knowledge of each unique child. In this session we will explore the concept of Sustained Shared Thinking, the evidence supporting its use and unpick how we as practitioners can use it as a core element of our practice to improve the quality of our interactions and outcomes for all our children. Wednesday 2nd February 2022
Self-regulation Self-regulation has been identified as a key competent in child development; powerfully strengthening both learning and well-being. Now also highlighted within the revised EYFS, this session will explore what self-regulation is and how it connects to what we know about how young children learn. In this session, we will consider how we can effectively support children in developing their self-regulation skills, reflecting on the implications for practice and provision. Wednesday 6th April 2022 9:30-11:00

Suitable for

Colleagues working in any Early Years setting.


£120 for three sessions.



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