Session overview

We will have focus on using sessions for interventions, particularly for wellbeing needs, in schools and other settings. Have you been asked to take out whole classes or small groups to meet certain needs and how has covid affected such work? Have schools reduced such sessions and you’d like to talk about restarting them? Have you just watched out for individuals during Forest School sessions or built the content around those with wellbeing needs? What has worked well. and is there anything we should avoid?

A diverse group meeting half termly to discuss and have a go at a wide range of activities that would be useful to those running Forest School and other Outdoor Learning experiences in schools and other settings in and around the York area. A mixture of indoor meetings and outdoor more practical sessions based on current issues and the CPD needs of the group. If you would like to host a meeting, share your experience, or have topic ideas for us please contact

Summerfield Rd, Woodthorpe, York YO24 2RU, UK


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