In response to what many of our York Headteachers have been asking for, we would like to offer an opportunity to share practice, network and gain social support. The pressure on our school leaders seems more evident than ever. Still feeling the impact of the pandemic, along with the current financial issues, and ever-increasing demand on workload, it can take its toll on even the most experienced. With this in mind we would like to open up a channel of support through a York-based Headteachers’ network. We are also looking to offer additional (local) variations of this for settings in Ryedale and Scarborough, so keep a look out for this soon.

This first meeting will take place free of charge with a complimentary breakfast, a short talk on neuroplasticity and generating positive habits, followed by an opportunity to network and build social support. We will also be asking you how you would like future meetings to run.

Please note that the event will formally end at 8:45 but you are welcome to stay a little longer.

Suitable for

All Headteachers or leaders of educational establishments in York. This therefore includes anyone who is leading a state school, independent school, nursery, or college.


  • Facilitate opportunities for you to build networks of support
  • Hear from a range of individuals on themes linked to leadership
  • Share good practice and generate ideas
  • Enjoy some time out of school which is for you to invest in yourself


The first event is free of charge, including a complimentary breakfast.

Archbishop Holgate's School, Hull Road, York, YO10 5ZA


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