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In this first of two sessions, we will explore the big ideas of reading fluency and how this sits within the wider picture of reading and literacy development. The links between fluency and comprehension will be explored and an introduction to practical classroom strategies will give attendees tips and ideas to take away and try out before the second session.

With over 20 years of experience in education in both the US and the UK, Kelly Ashley (@kashleyenglish) currently works as an independent consultant, providing training and support for primary schools across the UK. Kelly’s particular interest in language acquisition and vocabulary development has led to the publication of her first book, Word Power: Amplifying vocabulary instruction (2019) – a practical text full of ideas for building a language-rich environment and how to Power-Up vocabulary instruction in the primary classroom. Visit https://kellyashleyconsultancy.wordpress.com/ for information.

*You must book on both sessions


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