Leading science in a special educational needs setting has been developed to empower practioners working in SEND settings to discover the potential of the science curriculum for students.

The course will provide a framework for participants to evaluate their current provision, identify their own next steps and improve their own leadership skills. It will provide a wealth of practical activities which are accessible for children with a range of additional needs and explores how working scientifically can be planned for throughout the curriculum for pupils with SEND to improve outcomes for students.


You will be able to:

  • understand the role of the science coordinator in a SEND setting and to develop leadership skills
  • develop an awareness of the role of science in improving outcomes for all children, particularly those with an additional need
  • develop a clear idea of what makes an effective evaluation and monitoring plan to be able to lead science in your school
  • understand what makes an effective activity to support children as learners, especially those with SEND, through working scientifically


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