Hope Sentamu Learning Trust is proud to offer the Women in Leadership Programme; a unique career development opportunity that is all about uncovering, celebrating, and nurturing your power as a female leader. This programme will support you to unleash your brilliance as well as navigate the challenges and gender biases that often hinder female professionals in the workplace.

Session aims

During the programme, you will:

  • Identify your own leadership goals and aspirations
  • Build your confidence and authenticity
  • Engage with the big questions regarding gender inequality such as: how does the gendered nature of organisations impact women? What derails career advancement and what propels people upward?
  • Hear from leaders from the public, private and third sector about their leadership journeys
  • Receive and engage with MBTI training and resources
  • Explore leaderhsip preferences thorugh an MBTI lens
  • Practise and develop the skills involved in writign CVs, preparing for job applications and rehearsing for interviews
  • Have structure dlearning time to ensure learning from the programme impacts on your role in school
  • Have the opportunity to work with e a professional coach to support your strategic thinkking, embed learning from the programme and support your next steps
  • Connect with past programme participants and create your own professional network
  • Explore what it means to become an advocate for change

Suitable for

This programme is open to all female leaders who are keen to explore wider professional development and career progression and/or are looking to esecure additional responsibility or a promotion within the next 18 months. This may be within their current role.

Structure of the programme

Sessions will be hosted at schools in York.

York Coast & Ryedale
Day Date Time Day Date Time
1 Friday 2 December 2022 9am – 3pm 1 Friday 9 December 2022 9am – 3pm
2 Thursday 2 February 2023 9am – 3pm 2 Friday 3 February 2023 9am – 3pm
3 Friday 10 March 2023 9am – 3pm 3 Thursday 16 March 2023 9am – 3pm
4 Friday 30 June 2023 9am – 3pm 4 Wednesday 12 July 2023 9am – 3pm

For more information please contact development@hslt.academy. Programme is open to teaching and support staff.

Please visit the HSLT website for more information about WomenEd and our past programmes and impact.


£150 per participant


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